Roles: UX, UI, content design
My deliverables: User flows, wireframes, screen flows, UI screens, UI copy, clickable prototypes.
Timeframe: 5 months (May 2020–Present)

I'd been involved with the My Spectrum self-install project for several months as a result of my work on the equipment activation portal. After a major cross-department reorg, I became the product designer on a cross-functional agile team dedicated to launching self-install in the My Spectrum mobile app. 

My first projects were designing troubleshooting flows and solving edge cases with our team's developers and testers, but I've also worked on new features like giving customers the option to share their WiFi info after setting up their router and designing several proofs of concept for setting up and naming WiFi extenders within the self-install flow. For these projects, I took on UX, UI and content design roles.
Illustrations by Brayden Love and Leah Roides.
Work samples
Because this work contains proprietary info, you'll need a password to view it. ​​​​​​​
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