12 Favorite Recipes from 2012 – #7: Perfectly Roasted Brussels Sprouts


7) Perfectly Roasted Brussels Sprouts

My mom is a wonderful woman and a mostly fabulous cook. I give her a ton of credit for teaching my brother and me how to cook and bake, how to “do menus” for the week and how to discern when it makes sense to just buy it/order it instead of making it yourself. But, god love her, she really messed up Brussels sprouts for me. I mean, I get it — you spend your time making a healthy main dish for your hungry family, so who has time to make a side dish from scratch as well? Let’s leave that to Birds Eye.


Aside from the god-awful smell, all I remember was that the sprouts were covered in some gloppy, yellowish sauce that may have come with the package (or that dear mom whipped up herself). In any case, I hated brussels sprouts — until I discovered roasting.

We’ve already established that roasting is the best way to cook veggies ever. Cooks Illustrated further hacks roasting Brussels sprouts so that they’re tender, yet well-browned and pleasantly crispy, with — you guessed it — minimal effort required to attain perfection. Strongly recommend the garlic, red pepper flakes and Parmesan variation here, if you feel like exerting yourself.