12 Favorite Recipes from 2012 – #5: Kale Market Salad


Photo by Heidi Swanson AKA 101 Cookbooks (I swear I’ll take more original photos in 2013!)

5) Kale Market Salad

I’ve never been a “salad girl,” i.e., someone who goes out to eat and orders a salad for the main course (and, by the look of the photos, is just LOVING the salad life). I just think it’s totally lame and, like, you have an entire menu of actual food you can eat, so why order salad as your meal? Before you pelt me with romaine and chicken strips, let me concede that this salad is the exception to the rule.

This is a meal. And it’s so nutritious, I can literally feel the free radicals being neutralized and my hair getting shinier. It’s hearty and fresh, and even though you have to massage the kale (which is hilarious), it’s damn tasty. Also, it has avocado. Everything about this salad makes me feel like I’m in California and I eat this shit every day. Which, because it’s this salad, I would be ok with.